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   Dear stranger, thank you for reaching out to my page. Though I am a well-known Lithuanian designer and could endlessly list all my accomplishments and achievements, here and for you I just want to be a little girl with a bunch of color pencils and endlessly vivid imagination. Those two things have always been very important to me. More important than toys as they were and still are the keys to the magic world. World full of numerous color expressions, beautiful images and interesting experiences. Discoveries and freedom.


   Give a girl color pencils and she will have the entire world. Welcome to my own little and cozy universe and meet my 40 amazing women, look into their eyes and see 40 different stories. You can like or reject the fear they show, be impressed by their happiness or sadness, their pride and disillusions, you can see into their lives, intentions and hidden desires. This universe is now yours too.


   I have always been interested in portraits. There is nothing more amazing than women’s faces, eyes, neck curves, lyrics of the fingers. They reveal the soul and show the heart standing naked. Portraits open the entire world of emotions, fates and essences.


   Come close, catch the moment, merge with the eyes you see in front of you and feel how your breath goes along with the picture. Amazing! But now you really hear and feel what she is telling you…

   Welcome to my 



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